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MAWSS Annual Report 2022-23

This year has flown past and has not been without challenges.

We started the year with 2 new board members, welcome to new Rosie Morland and Stuart Mathieson.


The systems we set up in the first year of operation have bedded in and continue operate as well as we need them to.  Our policy of slow growth has meant we are able to act with confidence.


In May, our chair was visiting Morocco. As well as meeting up with other board members and our manager, she took the opportunity to spend at day at the SARA Farm Refuge and meet some of the many dogs and cats.

This year we managed to get together with You Can Save Me shelter in Agadir and have accepted their application for support.  We have made the first steps to solidifying our partnership but will continue to work with them on how best we can support them.

We remain open to applications from other appropriate organisations.


We have collected £134 500 in donations for our supported charities of which £125 500 was transferred to their bank accounts in Morocco and £9 250 used to pay expenses on behalf of CSPA.  Our own expenses were limited to just under £2 000.

We did not manage to open a back-up bank account, but that has priority for next year.

Our aims for next year include:

  • Supporting more organisations

  • Open another bank account to enable the collection of Gift Aid

  • Investigate other funding opportunities eg partnership for wills (Wills for Good)


Finally, I would like to thank the Trustees for their support over the past 12 months and look forward to the next year.

Kate Maclean


October 2023

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